Seminar “How To Be a Hacker” (Untuk pemula/newbies)

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Seminar How To Be A Hacker (untuk pemula/newbies)
Minggu, 20 Desember 2009
Imagine IT Education Center

Pembicara: ^rumput_kering^
Materi: How to be a hacker, scanning, enumeration, sniffing, social engineering, phising, exploiting, etc
Level: Newbies/Pemula
Fasilitas: sertifikat, modul, ballpoint, blocknote, snack, soft drink
Investasi Rp. 49.999,-

Informasi & Pendaftaran:
Image IT & Education Center
Gedung CSC Lantai 2
Jl. Bimokurdo No 1 Timoho Yogyakarta
0274 519616/6633655
cp/sms: 08159181290

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