Sony Alpha 200

Sony Alpha 200
Sony Alpha 200

Photography is an activity that can be used as hobby or job. If you only make it as a hobby, Sony Cybershot digital cameras is enough. But if you want to be a Professional Photographer, you also need to have professional photography equipment.

Ok, the most important thing we need is a camera. For professional use Digital SLR Cameras. SLR or “Single-Lens Reflex” can make you more control than the existing facilities on the camera’s “point and shoots.” You can change the camera focus, zoom, SHUTTER speed and more.

Sony Alpha 200 Digital SLR Camera is ideal for the beginner photographer. With 10.2 MP optical sensor and 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 lens will help you to get the results satisfactory. The battery is used NP-FM500H InfoLithium can achieve 750 shots so you don’t need to worry your battery runs out during important moments.

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